BToppers-Foundation Program for Secondary Education.BToppers is an audio-visual/multimedia based virtual learning space program designed for classes 6th to 10th to lay a strong foundation in Mathematics and Science.BToppers foundation program consists of a structured curriculum based recorded sessions and followed by high end live interactive classes which enable the student to have a strong foundation.The program consists around 500+ videos and 100+ live interactive classes spread over an academic year and are well structured to fit into the existing timetable of the school.Readmore..


  • Faculty with more than two decades of experience in providing highly focused teaching
  • Meticulously planned curriculum
  • Concept based and precise teaching techniques
  • Proven method in bringing out the highest level of comprehension in students
  • Excellent improvement in analytical and logical ability of students
  • Extensive Study Material, Test Papers and Assignments
  • Regular online tests to monitor students progress
Features and Benefits :
  • Online Live Interactive of Classes :
    Online virtual classroom supporting crystal clear audio and video and two way interactions. Lecturer and student can interact just like in a regular classroom
  • Recordings of Classes:
    All classes will be recorded for future reference and revision before the exams.
  • Personal Attention and Focus :
    Students can clarify doubts by asking questions in the classroom
  • Time saving and Economical :
    Saves lot of travelling time, city migration, physical & mental stress and strain for students.
  • Proper Monitoring and Feedback :
    Parents can monitor their child's performance and improvement at home itself.
  • Counselling :
    Counselling sessions with experts for entire duration of the course.
  • Quality Online Content :
    Quality content to answer your every question.

Vantage- Activity Based English Program for K-12

English is a universal link language.  Importance of English in the context of Globalization. Listening is learning-when you are not listening, you are not learning. Speaking is fundamental to language development and social development. Writing is the primary basis upon which your learning and intellect will be judged. Reading sets the foundation for lifelong learning.

Educe- Concept Based Mathematics for Primary Education

Pleasure of a different way of learning by visualizing the concept. Strengthens basic concepts to eliminate Math phobia. Coaching is by experienced Mathematics faculty. Concept Oriented Mathematics Practising book makes the child to nurture the concepts and master. Mapped to the curriculum. Every topic covered exclusively makes the child strong in basics. Sharpens the brain by logic thinking and exploring questions.